Candle Refill Service

Rekindle the flame with our easy refill service for our lovely customers – you can refill your own chosen vessel, container or tumbler. It may be a used candle container or something unique and special – or simply a container, which you have chosen to co-ordinate with your home décor. It’s up to you.

Simply, pop into the shop or send us your clean empty container to be filled with your favourite Coast Candle Co fragrance. Easy as that. Coast Candle Co. fragrance.

200g       £18.00

300g       £22.00

400g       £26.00

500g       £30.00

600g       £34.00

700g       £38.00

800g       £42.00

900g       £46.00

1KG         £50.00

1KG+      Price on application