Flood Tide Candle


Flood Tide is a limited edition candle which we have created and released in celebration of our 10th birthday. Each blue glass vessel is unique and hand-blown by Roberta Mason, a true statement piece which can be used and re-purposed (and re-filled) for a long time to come. We only have 50 of these available, so once they are gone, they are gone.

Like the sounds and smells of the flood tide behind me, childhood memories come flooding back of the waves splashing on the rocks, and the gentle lap of the sea on the shingle beach, the water pulling back, bubbles forming as the water rattles through the stones. The taste and smell of the sea salt as it splashes off the bigger rocks, sand and shells rolling in and out – watching the world carry on beyond the grassy banks, which are laden with primrose, bluebells and sea thrift. All framed by the glorious Flood Tide.

This fragrance and ocean blue glass candle encapsulate the smells, motion, and essence of the West Coast Highlands of Scotland. To me, the coast is so much more than the sea endlessly kissing the land in her different moods – it’s a way of life. Crofting, fishing, tradition, hard graft, happiness and sadness, peace, harmony; the constant ebb and flow of the tide reflected in everyday life and reflected in our ocean blue swirling glass candle, Flood Tide.

Our thanks to Glass Artist, Roberta Mason for creating our ocean blue swirling glass tumbler – every tumbler, an individual artwork reflecting the ever-changing sea and coast with the backdrop of the eternal ebbing and flowing of the tide. Each one unique and no two ever the same.

A light, slightly sweet and refreshing floral marine scent with notes of seaweed and green algae, heightened by a fresh coastal breeze and the delicate floral bloom of bluebells in the Spring. 

Base notes of earthy driftwood, warmed by amber, musk and patchouli are lifted with lighter notes of jasmine and hyacinth and a refreshing burst of zesty citrus and sea salt.  


Weight 0.850 g
Dimensions 12 × 8.2 × 10 cm