Fragrances and memories

Fragrance, smells or scent play a big part in our lives, helping us to remember specific occasions or events. Certain smells can transport us back in time, to a memory that can often be incredibly vivid. Scent is all around us; from the moment we enter this world to the moment we depart it. But when a smell, fragrance or scent triggers a significant event or a comforting feeling, a sense of familiarity flourishes; it can be a very welcome experience, opening the floodgates of life’s emotional roller coaster.

Hover over the fragrance menu and discover our fabulous fragrances. Every one of our candles has a story to tell, a cherished memory to share and a fragrance that takes us back in time. Ours stories past and present and snippets of childhood times – remembering high-days and holidays are what inspire us to connect with you. 

Enjoy our stories and make memories of your own with Coast Candle Co. 

Have a look at Memory Lane and tell us your stories. We would love to hear them. Enjoy!