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Janis MacLean of Coast Candle Co.

Welcome to our new website. It only seems like yesterday that I was launching my business and first website to the world. Now, ten years down the line and it’s all go here at Coast Candle Co. Before I let you know a little bit about me, I want to tell you what we do here at Coast Candle Co. We make the most fantastic range of luxury scented candles you can imagine ­– all inspired by childhood memories. We also offer associated accessories and many other fabulous products for you to adore. All handcrafted and presented in a stunning manner for you to enjoy and love. So please explore our new website and be inspired to remember what memories are important to you.

So, a little bit about me. My childhood home was a small township called Coast in the crofting village of Inverasdale, Wester Ross, Highlands of Scotland. They say that ‘home is where the heart is’ – that proverb is very dear to me and in many ways inspired me to create Coast Candle Co. I started making scented candles because I wanted a connection to my childhood home, a link/memory that would be with me, any time that I wanted it.

As an adult, I didn’t move far from home, but far enough in that, I wanted that instant heart-warming connection. Around my kitchen table in 2010, I was thinking of home – Coast, where I grew up and how it made me feel; sitting on a rock on the croft on a sunny day, contemplating life and enjoying the serenity of the wide-open space, big skies, the mountains in front of me, only a hop skip and a jump across Loch Ewe. But what really brought the memory to life were the familiar smells and scents that surround me.

The stillness, quiet and the beauty of that day were encapsulated with the scent of fresh air, the sea, the rushes and clumps of wild clover everywhere. I wished I could bottle that memory and feeling forever and unleash that scent whenever I felt the need to escape from the ‘here and now’.

And that’s what I did – well almost. I had discovered a newfound love for fragrance through aromatherapy training, and I have always loved to make things. So, I set about teaching myself how to make scented candles; candles that would unleash memories like mine, and would create a sense of belonging, happiness and peace.

Scent or fragrance plays a big part in helping us to remember things. Certain smells can transport us right back in time, to memories that can be incredibly vivid, moving, motivating or just plain old lovely. Fragrance does it for me. Hope you enjoy the new website – be generous to yourself – thanks, Janis.

Scent is all around us; from the moment we enter this world and its tangible links to everything that we do – without us sometimes even realising it. But when a smell triggers a comforting feeling, a sense of familiarity, it can be a very welcome experience, opening the floodgates of life’s emotional roller coaster. And, it’s at times like this, when the world is surrounded by confusion, and perhaps we sometimes feel a little anxious ­– we seek comfort in familiar things, a space to retreat to and escape from reality, with a fragrance that takes us to more innocent and safer times.

Every one of our candles has a story to tell, a cherished memory to share and a fragrance that takes us back in time.

We want to connect with you and your cherished memories. Memories that have inspired you, memories that have saddened you and memories that have made you joyful and happy.

No matter what reason you have for lighting one of our candles, know that we have created each one to trigger memories of joy, hope and sometimes sadness. Coast Candle Co, made with love, for you to love.